Sunday, December 9, 2007

Review: "Hatchet" (A+!)

Now it's time to review one of my favorite recent horror movies, but also one that within 10 minutes of watching it became one of my all-time favorites (a category that is NOT easy to get into).

Hatchet is brilliantly funny, doesn't take itself seriously, and pays great homage to the films of the slasher golden years. The acting is spot-on and I really just fell in love with so many moments in this film. I feel like any review I write is not going to do it justice.

First off, I have quite the crush on Joel David Moore. He's so fucking cute in this awkward way and his expressions during this film just had me laughing my ass off. There is something about him ... I'm not sure what it is, but I hope I get to meet him one day and I hope he needs a girlfriend because I am certainly up to it. Hell, I'll take pretty much anything he has to offer. To give you perspective: I like him so much, I sat through the worst horror movie quite possibly ever - "The Dead One" - just to see him. He is just the right person for this role. Also, on that note, having seen him in other films (most notably his film "Spiral," which blew my mind), I know he is more than just a comedy/horror actor.

The supporting cast is also seven different shades of awesome. I'm not sure you can count Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley supporting, but he's definitely suited to horror films. Plus, he's motherfucking gigantic. And Deon Richmond as Marcus was a riot. Seriously, the scene where he climbs the tree? I nearly choked I was laughing so hard and then I spent the next five minutes wondering why people just don't climb trees. It kind of makes sense, but I guess then you wouldn't have a movie. Mercedes McNab plays the dumb pornstar with an STD so well and is genuinely funny, although I do wish she would find another role besides the dumb blonde to play.

The script is amazing. There are not many writers out there that can do horror and comedy, much less mix the two. There were several moments where I'd be laughing, then suddenly jump because something scary happened. It was a great mix. And I want to be clear this isn't one of those dumb comedies that makes you laugh once (if even that). I've seen this film multiple times and every single time, I laugh. It's smart, it's gorey, and it's just a great throwback film to the 80's. I wish more horror films today were like this.

Adam Green is a genius. He's done many things I love ... the other film being "Spiral" which he co-directed with Joel David Moore (review later) and also his short films (which are beyond hilarious).

SEE IT or you are dead to me (and climbing a tree will not help you).

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